Maple Madness

Okay so it’s March Madness and the NCAA that’s top of most folks’ minds. I follow sports peripherally…mostly just as “water cooler fodder,” something to talk to colleagues and customers about.

I much rather talk about culinary stuff.

Like how “maple madness,” the trend in foodie world to create all manners of maple flavored foods. With maple paired with bacon (or pork) being a very hot trend. Just this morning, I had maple flavored sausage links along side a grapefruit. I have a Maple Bacon Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen in the fridge (I love just about everything from Stonewall Kitchen, but truth be told, I like this aioli “just okay”…the problem I think is the maple seems to be both a top and end note with the later leaving a bit of a cloying taste in my mouth).

I opened this email from Cracker Barrel, which quite frankly I haven’t visited in like ages, simply because it had “maple jam n bacon burger” in the subject line. Hamburgers are my most favorite food in the whole wide world.Bacon a close second. And maple jam, which sounds like a Southern thang, intriguing. So I clicked open rather than select delete.

The photo didn’t disappoint.

Maple Jam 'Bacon Burger


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