If You Are an INTP, Then You Might Be Crazy.

Well that’s what I learned when I took one of Penelope Trunk online classes. That other folks think we INTPs are crazy.

Not in a Heart Crazy on You Way.

But in a “I better stay as far away from you as possible because you’re cray, cray.” Touched in the head. Just off.


On the one hand, it’s not because when they see us they see a stereotypical “crazy person” who dresses like you expect crazy people to dress, mutters incoherent stuff under their breath while dumpster diving, is always saying out loud that polite society says you keep to yourself.

Penelope Trunk says,

Hold it. Did you know people think you’re crazy? Yes. They do.They think you don’t understand how the world works even as you ask more questions than anyone to understand how the world works.

It’s all those darn questions, right?” What is that” questions.  Questions that start with “Why” or “Why come.”

Most people think they know how the world works, how people behave, how people think. Of course, that’s because most people think everyone else thinks and behaves as they do.

Or should, anyway.

While I fall in that trap too, I try not to get stuck there.

Helped by my INTP’s “stunning ability to spot patterns and discrepancies before anyone else.”

Not a bad trade-off in a world thinks we’re (a little bit) crazy.





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