Archie and Veronica Before Riverdale


Confession. I didn’t even know that Riverdale is a modern riff on Archie and the gang. I watch a bit of CW so I saw the previews. And yeah, I remember Archie Comics. They were even part of my comic book reading habit for a bit.

Still, I never put 2+ 2 together.

Maybe because this is the Archie Comics I remember:ArchieComics Before Riverdale

we teenagers of the 1950s were floating in what might be called the Early Betty and Veronica Age. Archie Comics still described a reality we could identify as ours: old-maid schoolteachers, balding and comical principals, and girls who made pans of brownies in Home Economics so the boys taking Shop could make yum-yum noises and rub their stomachs. Sex was Archie with a heart drawn above his head. That was as far as things went, because love and marriage went together like a horse and carriage. Nobody had got around, yet, to asking the horse about its opinion.

–from Margaret Atwood’s piece on Canadian author Gabrielle Roy @MacCleans


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