My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Since The Flash wasn’t on, I went hunting for something to watch (DC Legends of Tomorrow which was in Barry and Iris’ time slot wasn’t going to work). So I begin slow scrolling threw xfinity and decide on  “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.”

I’m not a big reality tv watcher but hey, I figure the Universe was trying to tell me something after my “I Am a Fat Pig” post.

[For the record, being a bitch to “Fat Pig” has not been working. I am eating fried samosas and an egg roll. The samosa is spicy and good…even if it isn’t homemade]

This TLC show features Whitney Thore who apparently did a series of “fat girl” dancing videos. I’m watching the belly dancing show. Of course they had to up things up to crazy level by having her balance a sword on her head while belly dancing.

Whitney is pretty good (overall…time will tell how the sword thing works out).

whitney-thore belly dancingjpg.jpg

Then again, she says she’s been dancing her entire life. She’s also charming and pretty.

And has cool ink…

Update: turns out she loses his skirt. Right in front of her parents. On an up note, the sword solo goes very well. Her parents were very supportive. Well the edits showed them being supportive.

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