The Medium vs the Message (how to take charge of your career direction in 2018)

Defining your career in terms of some arbitrary medium, like being a professional blogger, is like a garage band saying, “Yeah, man, it’s all about the CDs.”

There are two significant risks that come from defining your career in terms of your primary medium (i.e. “I’m an attorney” or “I’m a programmer”). The first risk is that you’ll unnecessarily limit yourself. You will only recognize opportunities that present themselves in the form of a nail because you’ve defined yourself as a hammer and nothing more. You’ll fall into the trap of thinking, “Dammit, Jim! I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer!”

Read more of this thought-provoking post @ perpetually dissatisfied.   Your career will thank you for it.

I’m at work. I should be hard at work on a “Dare to Compare” to get college instructors to drop their current textbook for one my company publishes.

But I’m only working at it half-hardheartedly.

I am having a crisis of faith. In my job.

Wondering whether I am as good at it as I thought. Is this as good as it gets? Just a couple of months ago, I couldn’t wait to get to work each day. My projects engaging. Believing I was conquering the world.

After losing my ma and putting my dog down, however, I am spending much more of each day in a different mindset. I had already planned to think deeply about my career direction in 2018, but with those major life events, I am on a tear thinking of “how do I break out of this rut and make that  “sh*t or get off the pot” decision as to whether I want to keep doing this, or try something different.”

I’m not alone in asking such a question (of course).

It’s a New Year.  That kinda goes hand-in-hand with the inherent proposition of whether “this is the year I’m gonna change things up. Not a bit. But a major shake-up.

Like in lose weight, start eating healthier, stop spending so much time bashing the Orange tyrant on various social media outlets, build up the bank account a bit-stop living from paycheck-to-paycheck (especially given it’s the Age of Trump and the economy could tank at any given moment.

All at the same time.

[Okay I digress. Not to mention taken a dystopian turn.]

So this essay @perpetually dissatisfied couldn’t have come at a better time. Yes, because I am more than a bit perpetually dissatisfied myself . And when it comes to my career, guilty of confusing the medium (marketing specialist) with the message (the value I offer).

I still haven’t figured the latter (read: value I offer) out quite yet. Which is okay. That’s what a “thinkcubator” is for.


P.s. I get down with garage bands. And I think I could put my hands on an old boom box with a CD player. So if you have some listening suggestions, send them my way. I am trying to change up my playlist in 2018 as well…;





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