A Takeaway from the “Fire and the Fury:” To Plan or Not to Plan. That is the Question.

Of course, the book that’s really dominating the news and social media isn’t Brotopia (at least, not yet), but the equally salacious Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff.

Wolff’s book is based on what he heard, saw, and surmised about the shenanigans taking place inside the Trump White House. Thanks to his (purportedly) being granted carte blanche access leading to his enviable position of  being ” the Fly (on the wall.”

The Fly with a (potentially) best-selling book. Movie to follow?

jeff goldblum the fly

I haven’t bought or read The Fire and Fury myself.

Based on news reports, it’s unlikely that I could my hands on a copy this point even if I wanted it.

Thanks to Trump taking his rage to Twitter (cheeseburger in hand, three television screens blazing?) AGAIN…fueling the fire with (supposed) “cease and detest letters” sent by his attorney to 1) the publisher, Henry Holt and 2) Steve Bannon, who supposedly has a “no blathering” clause as part of his “resignation”terms, the book’s sales are on fire.

  • Did Steve Bannon really call Don Jr treasonous (and Traitor) for meeting with the Russians, only to plan on changing traitor “Patriot,” but change his mind again after Trump did his Mark Antony move first throwing Bannon under the bus in his Twitter hissy fit?
  • Would Trump eat McDonald’s 24-7 like Tiffany Trump infers because it’s kinda like his insurance policy against being poisoned.  The purported rationale being that no one at McDonald’s ever knows when he’s coming…and unlike feudal kings of old, he cannot ask any of the staff to taste his meal” first on account of being a germaphobe).
  • Are Jarvanka still thinking of a 2010 White House run now that they’ve been exposed?

It’s the kind of baubles usually reserved for the front cover of the National Enquirer. And the New York Post (which also dutifully reported on them).

But these amusing conjectures neither weigh on nor stick in my mind.

Rather it is something else I read. And part of the reason that Trump has so much time to play golf? And watch Fox News?

And that is how Trump likes to leave the whole of his day unstructured. Unplanned. His rationale being that, this way, he can innovate and to attend to whatever interesting matters come up.

I wonder, is this “pleasure or poison?”









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