Ideas. Thoughts. Opinions. Beliefs.
Often substantive. But sometimes not.
Stuff that I pick up reading. Surfing the web.
Connections I make from the stuff I find and read.
Picking other people’s brains. Not literally. Okay.

Herein lies thoughts and arguments.
Facts and factoids.
Data. Information.
Know-that. Know-how.

All matter of things that get me to pondering.
Or get lots of other people to pondering.
At least I think so, judging by all that flotsam populating (or some would say “poisoning”) our collective Facebook (Twitter, Instagram, etc. etc.) feeds.

Who is G Smith?
Well, she’s a she. Yeah, female.
A seasoned woman. Past 25.
An extroverted-introvert.
Or introverted-extrovert.
Lover of words. Enamored of ideals.
Words. Ideas. Always swimming about.
Needing a place to go…or I would explode.

So here’s my place for incubating ideas.
And changing mindsets. Or starting revolutions.
With the end goal of leaving the world a better place.

Of course, I may simply be delusional.